SASS Course

Welcome my community! A brand new course on SASS totally free under Avelx. Many developers may already be familiar with SASS; but for newcomers SASS is an open technology that allows you to produce structured CSS quickly. It does this by adding functionality like variables, mixins, inheritance, maps, loops and more. This course will guide you through the SASS installation on Mac OSX, Windows and GNU; swiftly followed by the API in a spoon fed manner.

Also it gives me a chance to explain how courses will be produced on Avelx from now on. All the Avelx courses will be uploaded to both Udemy and my Youtube channel in the form of a playlist. This will allow you quick access to courses wherever you are. I will not personally be hosting the videos on Avelx due to the expense and compatibility. This ensures that the videos remain free and open to anyone on any device.

Please make sure you share and give a little of your time to tell others you may think will be interested in this course. Also note I may update it from time to time.

Available on Udemy (recommended) and Youtube…

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