Lawrence Turton

Avelx is based on the idea of open learning and understanding more about technology and programming languages. I do work for companies such as Cartoonsmart, Tuts+ and Udemy to produce courses for an income but Avelx is really here for me to teach whatever I want and learn something new about technology.

I’m a self taught individual, but I consider that having a formal education has benefits over the learn as you go model. However overall that is the way I’ve personally learnt all the skills I have today. I thank Justin from Cartoonsmart who originally was the flash guy back in the day but now we both are using differing languages to produce some amazing projects.

My main skill set is HTML, CSS & JS to produce applications. One thing that takes my interest more than anything is design of the UI and how the program fits together. If your the same I’ve learnt from the leaders in industry and this quote really does live in my thinking:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
– Steve Jobs

Designing applications visually in the mind, not pen and paper or a graphics editor, I can create new features in software that is creative for the users. I hope to develop more software as time goes on but my love is teaching and this is the place where I get total creative freedom to teach any topic.

My future ambitions is to have a full learning platform on Avelx but also share that same experience and feedback with Cartoonsmart as well. My second but equally important goal is to create a suite of software and a custom brand of GNU/Linux tailored to the developer experience.

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